Rotary Indexing Laser Marking Machine

Technical Specifications:

State of the art MOPA FIBER Laser technology
Marking Area – 150*150mm, 220*220mm
Laser power 20W/30W/50W/70W/100W
Marking Speed – 7000mm/s, 12000mm/s
100000 working hours life of Laser
M² – <1.6
Series – EP/RM/YLP
Beam Delivery Cable length – 2m/3m
Average Power(W) – 20W/30W/50W/70W/100W
Peak Power(kW) – >12
Pulse Energy(mJ) – 1.0(WF32)
Full Power Range (kHz) – 20-1000
Operating Range (kHz) – 1-1000
Pulse width range(ns) – 3-500
Pulse Tune Wave forms -40
CW mode with modulation – Yes
Modulation range in CW (kHz) – 0-200
Typical output power stability – 3%
Power Supply Voltage (V) – 24V
Power Supply Current (A) – <10A


2 years warranty on Laser
High Speed
High Accuracy
Air cooled
Maintenance Free
No consumables required
Minimal power consumption
Highly customizable
2D, 3D, On the fly and Rotary marking (Optional)