Laser Marking Machines

Bid farewell to the traditional marking techniques and embrace the cutting-edge laser marking process. With superior operational efficiency and productivity, the high-powered laser marking machines offered by us, assure to be your valuable partner. Get the state-of-the-art laser marking machine that meets your customers’ specific requirements and functional needs. Contact us and get a quote instantly. Also, check out our other high-quality products –  Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Dual Station Laser Cutting Machine.
Freqently Asked Questions

Laser beam passes through a F theta lens and concentrates at focal point. Any material at focal point gets heated or melted. This beam moves as per marking design with the help of software, mirrors and motors.

It can mark on all type of metals. MS, SS, Alu, casting, forging etc.

By multiple passes it can mark up to 1mm deep.

All office fonts can be marked.

Glass, Wood, Acrylic, Nylon, Teflon etc.

Standard marking area is 150 X 150, optional 100 X 100, 200 X 200, 250 X 250, 300 X 300.

Standard 200 mm, optional 300, 400

100000 working hours.

Virtually maintenance free.

Laser should not see by naked eyes and no any body part should come in contact with laser beam, safety enclosure must be there to comply with safety.

Direct contact with laser may causes damages to skin and eyes.