Laser Welding Machine

This machine was specially designed for welding of 2 thin rectangular sheets (thickness 300 microns each) for heat exchanger application.


Power 1KW
Plate thickness 600 microns
Materials MS, SS
Work Area 750(X) x 280(Y) x 200(Z) (mm)
Total axes 3 (1 linear and 2 servo)
Application dependent customized solution
Siemens CNC controller and motor
L 2.25m
W 1.6m
H 2.1m

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser welding is mostly suitable for metals. By setting suitable parameters such as power, speed, etc. dissimilar metals can also be welded.

Laser Welding is much quicker than conventional welding so, it increases the productivity considerably. It also has higher wall plug efficiency. That is why, it provides a greater cost advantage.

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